Do I need to upgrade to 1200dpi?

The premium 600dpi resolution we use to scan photographs is sufficient for most people. However, during the checkout process you have the option to upgrade to ultra-high 1200dpi (cost +50%) which has the following benefits:-

  • The resolution of TVs, computers and mobiles is constantly increasing. A 1200dpi image is more ‘future-proof’ due to it’s vastly increased resolution.
  • 1200dpi photos can be enlarged to approximately 4 times their original size compared to twice their original size with 600dpi.

The following table compares 600dpi vs 1200dpi. Sizes are based on a 6×4″ print.

600dpi (Premium) 1200dpi (Ultra-high)
Pixel dimensions 3600×2400 pixels 7200×4800 pixels
Megapixels 8.6 megapixels 34.6 megapixels
File size 1MB 3MB
Enlarge to 2 x original size 4 x original size

* sizes may vary slightly

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