Terms & Conditions

Online Ordering & Payments

We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Orders are placed on our Order page. You only need to approximate the number of photos you need scanned to place your order.  A 25% deposit is required to place your order and the balance automatically collected after scanning is complete.

We are not VAT registered so all prices displayed are VAT free.


The entire Best Photo Scan website, including the order page, are secured via 128-bit SSL encryption meaning your personal details are completely safe.

Types/sizes of photos we can/cannot scan.

Photos that we CAN scan:

  • Loose paper photos in reasonably good condition.
  • Standard photo sizes such as 6×4”, 5×7”, 8×10” etc.
  • Any photo upto A4 in size (approx. 21 x 29.7cm).
  • Polaroids.
  • APS photos (e.g. panoramic).
  • Tripleprint photos (e.g. 3 photos in one)
  • Photos in bundles/stacks or in original envelopes from developers.

Photos we will TRY to scan but may be unable:

  • Photos with any side smaller than approx. 7cm (for reference, a passport photo is approx. 4.5 x 3.5cm).
  • Very thick card photos.
  • Excessively curled/bent photos.
  • Very fragile or damaged photos.

Photos that we CANNOT scan:

  • Photos in albums.
  • Photos larger than A4 (approx. 21 x 29.7cm).
  • Framed photos.
  • Photos that have sellotape, blu-tack, staples, velcro, paperclips or are sticky.
  • Odd shaped photos or photos that have been cut into shapes such as circles or ovals. Photos must be roughly rectangular or square.
  • Negatives or slides.

You will not be charged for unscanned photos that are within the ‘TRY’ section or the ‘CANNOT’ section.

Rotation and cropping

Our scanning system automatically crops photos to their physical dimensions and then we manually rotate each image.

Please note: ‘physical dimensions’ means that any extraneous paper, sticky tape etc that extends beyond the border of the photo will be included as part of the final image. It’s always best to make sure anything like that is removed before sending to us.

Organising photos into named folders

Your photos can be organised into named folders (date, event etc.). A surcharge of £1 per folder applies. Please indicate you would like your photos organised during checkout and then place your photos into clearly labelled bundles (with short, concise titles). For example, if you label a group of photos ‘Majorca 1996’ we will put them in a folder called ‘Majorca 1996’.

Bundles should be contained in envelopes, plastic bags or secured with elastic bands. Slips of paper/card between bundles is not sufficient as these can move about during transit.

The total surcharge is calculated after scanning is complete and will be added to the final balance (e.g. 10 folders = £10 surcharge).

Preparation Of Your Photos

Only sending a few photos?
If you only have a few originals to send, you could use a board backed envelope or padded envelope. We strongly recommend that you place the envelope in a plastic mailing bag for added protection during transit

Sending lots of photos?
We have found through experience that it is best to package and post your originals in a sturdy mailing box, like those that you can pick up at your local Post Office. Group prints in envelopes or plastic bags.

We generally don’t recommend sending your photos in rigid plastic boxes – these have a tendency to break easily under impact. A sturdy cardboard box will absorb impact much better.

General packing tips:

  • Make sure your outer container is strong enough for the contents
  • Seal envelope/box in a plastic mailing bag.
  • Fill your container with cushioning material like bubble-wrap, screwed up paper, or polystyrene chips, to prevent your originals from moving around during shipping.
  • Avoid using shredded paper as cushioning material, as it is inherently dusty and only offers minimal protection.
  • Write a return address on the item
  • Include your order number or place a print out of your order inside your container
  • Seal securely with tape along all openings and edges
  • Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker, if necessary

Delivery to Us

We recommend you send your parcel via a recorded delivery service such as Royal Mail Signed For (Book Royal Mail) or use a trusted courier company such as DPD (Book DPD) or UPS (Book UPS). We do not recommend Evri. We will confirm receipt of your package.

Time Scale/Turnaround

We generally scan orders and send you a download link within 5 working days of receiving your photos (excludes weekends & bank holidays). This can sometimes vary, particularly around holidays such as Christmas. Please check our turnaround time estimate at the bottom of the page.

Your originals and DVD/USB/SD(s) are normally dispatched within 2 working days after scanning has been completed (excludes weekends & bank holidays).

Return Delivery

This will depend on the size of order but is usually Royal Mail or DPD. Both methods are tracked and we have never lost a parcel.

Adult/Embarrassing Images

We understand that sometimes photos can be of a very personal nature. We treat all orders with the strictest confidence. After we scan your photos we keep a copy on-site for 1 month and then they are securely deleted.

Image Copyright

Please only send us photos that are your own or you have permission from the copyright holder to scan.

Photo Backups

All photos are backed up on-site for a period of 1 month after completion of order. We also store your photos in the cloud for 1 year and you can download them as many times as you like during that time. After 1 year (or sooner if requested) we will delete all images used in the process of producing your order.

After You Receive Your Order

When you receive your DVD/USB/SD of digital images please be sure to back them up immediately to your computer. Although we use high-quality media we can not guarantee the long-term reliability of the DVD/USB/SD.