Will you organise my photos into folders?

Yes, we can organise your photos into folders but a surcharge of £1 per folder applies. Please indicate you would like your photos organised during checkout and then place your photos into clearly labelled bundles (with short, concise titles. Max. 20 characters. Longer titles will be shortened). For example, if you label a group of photos ‘Majorca 1996’ we will put them in a folder called ‘Majorca 1996’. We can also simply number your folders if you leave the bundles blank without a title.

Bundles should be contained in envelopes, plastic bags or secured with elastic bands. Slips of paper/card between bundles is not sufficient as these can move about during transit.

The total surcharge is calculated after scanning is complete and will be added to the final balance (e.g. 10 folders = £10 surcharge).

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