How should I package my photos?

Only sending a few photos?
If you only have a few originals to send, you could use a board backed envelope or padded envelope. We strongly recommend that you place the envelope in a plastic mailing bag for added protection during transit.

Sending lots of photos?
We have found through experience that it is best to package and post your originals in a sturdy mailing box, like those that you can pick up at your local Post Office. Group prints in envelopes or plastic bags.

We generally don’t recommend sending your photos in rigid plastic boxes – these have a tendency to break easily under impact. A sturdy cardboard box will absorb impact much better.

General packing tips:

  • Make sure your outer container is strong enough for the contents
  • Seal envelope/box in a plastic mailing bag.
  • Fill your container with cushioning material like bubble-wrap, screwed up paper, or polystyrene chips, to prevent your originals from moving around during shipping.
  • Avoid using shredded paper as cushioning material, as it is inherently dusty and only offers minimal protection.
  • Write a return address on the item
  • Include your order number or place a print out of your order inside your container
  • Seal securely with tape along all openings and edges
  • Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker, if necessary

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