Restricted Photos (types of photos we can’t scan).

There are some photos that we are unable to scan:

  • Photos in albums. We can only scan loose photos.
  • Photos with any side smaller than approx. 7cm (for reference, a passport photo is approx. 4.5 x 3.5cm).
  • Photos larger than A4 size (approx. 21 x 29.7cm).
  • Framed photos.
  • Mounted photos (i.e. cardboard back).
  • Very thick or laminated photos.
  • Photos that have sellotape, blu-tack, staples, velcro, paperclips or are sticky.
  • Odd shaped photos or photos that have been cut into shapes such as circles or ovals. Photos must be roughly rectangular or square.
  • Newspaper/magazine clippings

We reserve the right to not scan photos that meet any of the criteria above. You will not be charged for unscanned photos.

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